In the United States, a corporation’s name does not automatically become a registered trademark of that corporation by virtue of the corporation being granted by the government authority a charter to operate under such corporate name.  In addition, trademarks are not guaranteed protection within the entire US without registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) . Wellspring Advisers advises and represents clients before the USPTO in connection with formal registration of client trademark and service marks.  We handle all aspects of trademark registration, including:

  • Reviewing trademark availability through preliminary and full searches

  • Determining in consultation with our client the appropriate description of goods/services and classifications for the marks

  • Filing the initial trademark application (intent or use based)

  • Responding to any incoming Office Actions from the trademark examiner

  • Responding to and/or addressing any Oppositions filed by third parties after publication of mark

  • Maintaining registered marks by timely filing for renewal

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