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Healthcare Law: Practices

The healthcare industry faces growing business and regulatory demands with a complex multitude of legal issues. Wellspring Advisers has a clear understanding of the needs and complexities of the healthcare industry having experience building and managing healthcare companies. We are well-versed in all aspects of healthcare, including business, medical and legal matters, enabling us to provide our clients with comprehensive representation.

Our team serves a wide range of  clients in this area, including:

  • Urgent and Acute Care Centers

  • Physicians and physician organizations

  • Physician practice management companies

  • Hospitals, academic medical centers and healthcare systems

  • Health Science Companies

Wellspring Advisers' experience in the business and delivery of health care allows our firm to provide clients a broad spectrum of health care law services, including:

  • Strategic mergers and acquisitions

  • HIPAA and confidentiality compliance counseling

  • Responding to audits 

  • Operational issues relating to patient care

  • Drafting and negotiating Payer Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Business Associate Agreements, Master Services Agreements, Lab Services Agreements

  • Preparing and counseling on Policies and Procedures Manuals

  • Counseling on accreditations and certifications (e.g., AAAHC, Joint Commission, UCAOA, ACHC)

  • Professional board hearings and other state proceedings

  • Physician relationships, including employment, medical director, and professional service agreements

  • Strategic assistance with medical staff structures, bylaws, policies, and procedures

  • Recruitment strategies for physicians and health care providers

  • Corporate governance (for profit and nonprofit)

  • Response to Investigations 

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